Frequent Asked Questions


When I opt for a package, do I need to “use” all the hours on the same day?


No. The packages are flexible. If you opt, for instance, for the Ten hours Package, we can have a session of 3:30 hours in one day, a session of 2:30 in another day, and two more sessions of 2 hours each.  It will all depend on the project, needs, and availability.


Do I have to buy products before the project starts?  


No. It is not always necessary to buy the products before the project starts. In some cases, you will finish the project without having bought anything. It depends on each case. In other cases, furniture, organizing products, and other materials can be very useful and I may suggest you buy some of them before we initiate the work. But we will talk and decide together.


Do you help me decide what I keep or donate? 


 The decision is always yours. However, by asking some questions, I'll guide you and help you through this process in a smooth way, making you feel comfortable with your decisions.  


Can you buy the organizing products, furniture, toys, etc, for me? 


When needed I will discuss with the client the products to be bought, and I will charge for my time spent shopping.


Do I have to be part of the process?


I always like to say that when the client is part of the process, he/she is really learning, and will be able to easily apply the techniques and other tips to other situations or moments of life. Although it is possible to implement without the client's presence but it will add a few steps.


Can my child be part of the process?


Yes. I organize with children. I believe it's very important for the child to be part of the process. The child doesn't have to help all the time, but depending on his/her age, he/she can make suggestions, dismiss items, say what's not working, help the organization, and learn how to keep it. 

Westchester, NY

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If you are looking to find a Brazilian Professional Organizer in the NY area, look no further, I'm specialized in organizing houses, time management, and organizing with kids. If you are not in the NY area check my virtual services.

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