After 13 years of teaching, I realized that the ability to organize made my routine much easier.

At home, I tested infinite ways to improve my daily routine. After having kids, I was able to try many different strategies. Some didn't work, and I had to think of other solutions, and some were excellent, but after some time, they also had to be adapted as kids grew up and our needs in life changed.
Moving to a new country with my family and embracing a new culture made me even more flexible and adaptable to new realities.
Understanding and respecting the differences today help me put myself in your shoes and think of creative solutions for your lifestyle.

An organized family home is not like a static display! Instead, it is a place that functions well, daily routine flows, and is a pleasure to be in. 

Many Ways Organize results from this desire and ability to help you transform your house into a practical and homely place. 


A bit more about me...


I'm Brazilian and I grew up in São Paulo.

I have a bachelor's degree in Pedagogy and worked as a teacher for many years.

I love to create activities and educational games for kids. 

Education is my passion.

I live in NY with my husband and kids. 

Luciana Pimenta

NAPO Specialist Badge - Residential Orga
Luciana Pimenta Certificado de Conclusao
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Westchester, NY

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If you are looking to find a Brazilian Professional Organizer in the NY area, look no further, I'm specialized in organizing houses, time management, and organizing with kids. If you are not in the NY area check my virtual services.

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