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An organized family home is not like a static display! Instead, it is a place that functions well, daily routine flows, and is a pleasure to be in

Many families face the same problems after having kids: toys all over the place, a messy house, and a crazy routine.
As a teacher, I know the importance of having the perfect area to play, age-appropriate toys, and how this can contribute to your kids' skills and development. As a mom and professional organizer, I know how great it is to have an organized home. 
Thinking of all of this, I develop exclusive systems to create a super practical and much more functional home environment. I want to help your family live in a pleasant atmosphere to spend more time doing what you really love! 

Luciana Pimenta

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We'll set up a consultation, in-person or virtual, so that I can see your space and understand your  needs.

Depending on your kid's age, they can join us too.

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After identifying your needs, we will talk and I will suggest a project and an action plan aligned with your needs.

Depending on your kid's age, they can join us too.

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We begin the organization project, usually observing the following steps:


  • Sort and Categorize  

  • Implement new project 

  • Define maintenance strategies 

I am an Interior Designer, I know very well how to organize a house for the eyes to see, but when it comes to opening cabinets, drawers and storage, I mean, I am a disaster! Disorganization, disorder, duplicate objects, and objects that you didn't even know you had. I called Luciana to help me organize and be more minimalist and more practical in my daily life. In addition to being an excellent professional, she is super dynamic, creative, and respects you a lot when we don't know what to do with objects that no longer serve us.
Thank you very much for your help and attention with my home, less is always more.

A. M.


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If you are looking to find a Brazilian Professional Organizer in the NY area, look no further, I'm specialized in organizing houses, time management, and organizing with kids. If you are not in the NY area check my virtual services.

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